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Ethylene Oxide

Crosstex offers a wide range of Biological Indicators (BIs) and Chemical Indicators (CIs) used to monitor Ethylene Oxide (EO/ETO) sterilization processes.  Our BIs and Prepared Culture Media are designed to meet ISO 11138 and USP standards and our CIs are designed to meet ISO 11140 standards.

Crosstex Biological Indicators for EO sterilization are:

  • Used to evaluate the efficiency of EO sterilization processes
  • Essential in performing sterilization cycle validation during EO sterilization processes
  • Easy to use and require minimal training
  • Available in different populations, packaging, and configurations. Custom BIs are also available
  • Validated with a reduced incubation time of 72 hours, when used in conjunction with Crosstex’s Prepared Culture Media (Spore Strips, Spore Discs, Spore Threads and Spore Wires)

Crosstex Chemical Indicators for EO sterilization are:

  • Used to monitor EO sterilization processes
  • Available as Class/Type 1 and Class/Type 4 indicators
  • Designed to fit all your needs and can be custom designed
  • Simple to use, requiring only minimal training
  • Made with Crosstex’s own Eco Friendly Sterilization Indicator Inks