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EmPlus Emulators – Type 6

  • Immediate read-out with wicking style movement
  • Easy to interpret
  • Reacts to all three parameters of sterilization (time, temperature, saturated steam) at 132°C for 4 minutes
  • ISO 11140-1 Type 6 Compliant
Crosstex Code Description Quantity
EMP-1004 EMPlus Emulator – Type 6 1000/Bag
Process Steam
Indications for Use Type 6 Integrating Indicator Stated Values:

  • 132°C for 4 minutes
Indicator Strip Dimensions 101 mm x 19 mm (4” x 0.75”)
Packaging 1000 Indicators/Bag
Chemical Indicator Wicking style movement
Compliance ISO 11140-1 Type 6
Shelf Life  36 months from the day of manufacture
Storage Conditions  Controlled room temperature, less than 50% relative humidity


Technical Data Sheet:


Safety Data Sheet:



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