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Chemical Process Indicators

Crosstex Gamma and E-Beam (Radiation) Chemical Process Indicators (CPIs) are manufactured with Crosstex’ Eco Friendly Indicating Inks (contains no latex, lead or other toxic heavy metals) and provide a fast and consistent visual check on items that were sterilized by Gamma or E-Beam Radiation.

  • Consistent and irreversible color transition from Yellow to Red
  • No light sensitivity issues
  • Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive
Crosstex Code Description Dose Level Indicators Per Roll Unexposed Exposed
CPI-R01 CPI-R01 Plain 12.7 mm ≥10kGy 5,000 cpi-r01-unexposed cpi-r01-exposed
CPI-R03 CPI-R03 Imprinted 12.7 mm
Text reads: “Red is exposed”
≥10kGy 5,000 cpi-r03-unexposed cpi-r03-exposed
SP-R58 SP-R58 Imprinted 12.7 mm
Text reads: “Red is γ exposed”
≥10kGy 5,000 sp-r58-unexposed sp-r58-exposed
CPI-F01 CPI-F01 Plain 12.7 mm ≥1kGy 5,000 cpi-f01-unexposed cpi-f01-exposed
CPI-R02 CPI-R02 Indicator Labels for hand-held labeling systems
25 mm x 12 mm
≥10kGy 1,000 cpi-r02-unexposed cpi-r02-exposed
CPI-R06 CPI-R06 Indicator Labels for hand-held labeling systems
25 mm x 12 mm
≥1kGy 1,000 cpi-r06-unexposed cpi-r06-exposed
sp-rxx SP-RXX Custom Indicator Labels
Please Inquire
Custom Varies sp-rxx-unexposed sp-rxx-exposed


Process Radiation (Gamma and E-beam)
Indications for Use The CPIs may be utilized to monitor Gamma and E-Beam sterilization processes.

This product is labeled For Industrial Use Only.

Chemical Indicator Initial Color : Yellow
Signal Color : RedCPI-F01 (only)
Initial Color : Green
Signal Color : DarkChemical Indicator Inks contain no lead or other toxic heavy metals.
Compliance ISO 11140-1:2014 Sterilization of health care products – Chemical Indicators- Part 1: General Requirements
Shelf-Life 24 months from the date of manufacture

The date of manufacture is based on the day the indicating ink is applied to the substrate. The remaining shelf-life upon receipt will be shorter than 24 months.

Storage Conditions 15°C to 30°C, 20-70% relative humidity